Tech and Beer are always looking to forge new partnerships with the brightest, most innovative tech companies across the UK. We believe that collaboration is the key to excellence and growth.

Why partner with Tech and Beer?

Proven Expertise

In just a few months, Tech and Beer has become the most popular and well attended networking event in the tech hub of Cambridge. Our inception in the centre of Cambridge Science Park at The Bradfield Centre - where we are surrounded by the best and brightest tech companies - has allowed us to gain a real insight into what people working in tech want when it comes to networking, and this knowledge has allowed us to expand nationwide.

An Event Like No Other

Most networking events will see their attendees sitting down for the duration, with very little opportunity for actual networking. At Tech and Beer, we offer attendees the option of making their way to the auditorium to listen to our speakers, or to remain in the auditorium so that they can chat to new connections. This flexible and relaxed approach is rare, and offers an opportunity for partners to engage with tech experts that would otherwise avoid networking events.

National Opportunities

With the rapid growth of Tech and Beer, we have plans in the works to expand the event even further, taking it nationwide. By sponsoring our events, you’re not just opening yourself up to the best of tech in the East of England, but all other regions in the UK, too.


We know that we wouldn’t be where we are without our sponsors, and we feel very lucky to currently be working alongside the following tech brands.

Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at if you’re interested in becoming a Tech and Beer partner.