Host a tech and beer event - see your tech community engagement skyrocket.

Tech and Beer is a network of likeminded individuals with a focus on connecting and collaborating in order to inspire the continued growth of our tech communities across the UK.

We bring together people in all areas of tech, and with the event growing, we’re on the lookout for cool new venues to host us nationwide.

Our monthly events and programmes span tech clusters across the UK, playing host to attendees that include, local tech startups, tech professionals, business owners, local leaders, innovators, and investors.

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Our focus at Tech and Beer is to help facilitate the needs of our community. Through TAB our partners and audience are able to access and leverage the following:

  • Connect with local startups

  • Connect with mentors

  • Find future employees

  • Find future employers

  • Educational programs

  • Technology Advisory

  • Connect with potential investors

  • Validate your product

  • Business development opportunities

If you'd like to find out more about the benefits of hosting Tech and Beer and to discuss current hosting opportunities please drop us a line at

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